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Sinnes-art - Ganzheitliche und Sinnliche Massagen in Dresden

Welcome to Sinnes-art!

Sinnes-art consists of

Sinnes-art Massages

Sinnes-art offers highclass holistic, sensual-erotic and tantric massages in Dresden and pursues a "special art of touch-concept". We designed and decorated our massage rooms with lots of love and care to establish a unique place for our guests to enjoy peace and regain energy and strenght. 

In our three studios we primarily offer various types of massages – attentive and loving massages, massages that form a hiatus in your daily life – as well as rituals and workshops. Our massages are primarily designed to cause pleasure, to relax and replenish energetically. Our massages may as well have a healing effect though and raise the level of self-awareness. Sinnes-art is a network of freelance associates with a wide range of approved types of massages and a shared vision: We are all driven by a spirit of vocation and passion for our work.


Sinnes-art Seminars

For a few years now we have been passing on our experiences in seminars and workshops concerning sensuality and massages in our training department called "Sinnes-art Seminarzentrum". (Accessable by clicking on the purple coloured tab on top of the left menu bar. The Seminarzentrum Sinnes-art is situated in Studio Neustadt on Buchenstraße 12 in Dresden, here we hold our massage seminars and other events concerning massage and spirituality. Imagine a place where you can find out all about sexuality and sensuality that ever interested you. We want to make this vision come true. For that purpose we invite well-known instructors which personally convinced us. We want to ensure a high quality of our events and courses and create a safe atmosphere in which you can consciously perceive and extend your boundaries. Thus you are allowed to experience the joy of life and sexuality in a new, free and even more enjoyable way.


Become a trainee for sensual-erotic massages

If you share our vision of a passionate attitude towards our work and if you want to provide well for yourselves financially, becoming trainee for sensual-erotic massages might be of interest to you. The work as a masseuse for Sensual-Erotic Massages contains a high potential for self-fulfilment and the experience of new modes of sexuality. We support women to worship the distinctions of this profession. Previous knowledge is not required, yet a sense for the “holy dimension“ of our work and for respectful and refreshing ways of erotic expression. The contents of teaching are passed on by experienced masseuses and masseurs and help to obtain well-founded knowledge – a process that ensures us offering massages of a very high quality.
Our department of education is mobile and also assists teams in other cities that intend to offer massages of particular excellence. In the same way we arrange customized trainings and further education in the or we hold workshops for groups about various special topics.

About us

In each studio two to three masseuses are working at the same time which ensures quiet and individual attention. Discretion goes without saying. Our team consists of about 50 co-workers. Founder of Sinnes-art, Katrin Laux, says: "I feel strongly that we treat our guests with dignity and respect. I wish that you feel comfortable with us, get touched in the way you want to get touched and that you feel free to welcome all your sensations during the massage. Should there be anything that is not to your liking, don’t hesitate to send me your criticisms and suggestions for improvement to buero@sinnes-art.de." 


You find our office at Studio Neustadt. It's staffed from monday till friday 10:00 am to 15:00 pm.
Phone: +49 (0)351 4224602
Fax: +49 (0)351 3207152
Email: buero@sinnes-art.de