Tallie spricht fließend Englisch und leider kein Deutsch.

Early 20s, Red medium long hair, very skinny figure, medium tall


My typical way of massaging:

I'll take you to different places in your mind where you can be yourself without pretending. I can play with you or you can just relax and enjoy my passionate touches.
What makes my offers special? You can let me be guided by my intuition but i also but i also listen to your requests and your body language. I'll help you increase your energy, free your mind and release your body from stress.I am very open minded person. Tantra has been for me an access to the map of my inner universe, it releases my body and soul from the chains of mind. I love nature, music and good movies.

About myself:

I am also very artistically gifted i have high school diploma in graphic design.
What led me to massages? I think it was a curiosity. I like to connect with people i these ways. I've always been interested in the human body and body language. I think that this is a whole new level of communication and understanding.

What other say about me:

Pleasant voice, smart, very fun and emphatic.